Fundraising Scholarship Dollars


Every month is fundraising month for

Zonta Club of Frederciksburg!  We raise monies for our advocacies and for our multiple scholarships that are given to recipients every May.   Our cookbooks  are sold in some stores and from every Zonta member.  You are helping to change lives with each purchase and donation to Zonta.

Give us call if you are interested in contributing to our cause by purchasing a cookbook or 2 or 3, etc.

There are 280 recipes and full color photos of many of the recipes, plus helpful hints for the novice as well as experienced baker or cook.  Enjoy!


Even throughout the COVID-19 issues regarding social distancing, our Zonta Club is still holding our regular board and membership meetings each month by using Zoom!  Not quite as endearing as being there in person, but it works!

Raffle Tickets on sale for $10 each through Dec 20th

Cookbooks are $20 each 

Sold locally in retail shops and by contacting any member

Zonta International responds to discrimination

- As an advocate for women’s rights that are, in fact, human rights, Zonta is committed to treating everyone with equal respect and can not tolerate discrimination.
- No person should be disadvantaged, let alone be a victim of violence, because of her/his gender, skin color, ethnicity or any other reason. Instead, everyone should have the same opportunities to develop their full potential. 
- We acknowledge that, in order to overcome discrimination of any kind, we need to sharpen our awareness for unconscious biases that affect our individual actions and advocate for laws and policies that ensure equal rights and opportunities for all people.
- The diversity of our global organization is a strength we will build on every day on the path to gender equality.
Our 28,000+ members from 63 countries join with others to make this world a better place for all. 
10 June 2020


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