Fundraising Scholarship Dollars


Every month is fundraising month for

Zonta Club of Frederciksburg!  We raise monies for our advocacies and for our multiple scholarships that are given to recipients every May.   Our cookbooks  are sold in some stores and from every Zonta member.  You are helping to change lives with each purchase and donation to Zonta.

Give us call if you are interested in contributing to our cause by purchasing a cookbook or 2 or 3, etc.

There are 280 recipes and full color photos of many of the recipes, plus helpful hints for the novice as well as experienced baker or cook.  Enjoy!


Even throughout the COVID-19 issues regarding social distancing, our Zonta Club is still holding our regular board and membership meetings each month by using Zoom!  Not quite as endearing as being there in person, but it works!

Raffle Tickets on sale for $10 each through Dec 20th

Cookbooks are $20 each 

Sold locally in retail shops and by contacting any member

Zonta International Foundation announces name change to Zonta Foundation for Women

Zonta International Foundation, a global charitable organization working to empower women and girls, has announced a change of name to the Zonta Foundation for Women. The purpose of this repositioning is to elevate visibility and better align the foundation’s name with its globally recognized mission and commitment to women and girls worldwide.

Over the last century, Zonta has contributed more than US$45.9 million to empower women and girls and expand their access to education, health care, economic opportunities, and safe living conditions. The 2020-2022 grant cycle will provide US$5,280,000 for programs that address the root causes of gender discrimination and have the potential to bring about positive and sustainable societal changes.

“Gender inequality and the rights of women and girls have received increased attention globally with the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 and now with the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action this year,” said Zonta Foundation for Women President Sharon Langenbeck. “However, these issues are not new to Zonta. The refreshed Zonta Foundation for Women will more clearly illustrate our commitment to realizing the vision for gender equality our founders laid out more than 100 years ago.”

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